See VituixCAD User Manual for details, installation and using.

Download the latest build: VituixCAD2_setup.exe. See also changelog and license agreement.

VituixCAD Features

Crossover simulation

Crossover topologiesFormal ladderxx
Free formx
Crossover variantsxxactive digitals with different DSP
Response dataSingle direction
Few directionsx
Quasi full space with responses in two planesxmax 360 directions in hor plane + 358 in ver plane = 718
Off-axis with constant or variable angle stepx
Off-axis angle coverage -179...0...+180 deg or lessx
CLIO balloon angle decodingxxhor & ver planes only
EASE balloon angle decodingxxhor & ver planes only, optional plane swapping for Klippel NFS
VACS balloon angle decodingxxhor & ver planes only, optional plane swapping for Klippel NFS
Monkey Forest balloon angle decodingxxhor & ver planes only
Active componentsHigh/low pass, minimum phase (IIR)1st, 2nd, Bes, But, Che, L-R 2nd-8th order
Peak/Notch, minimum phase (IIR)Parametric EQ, Bandpass, Bandstop
All pass, minimum phase (IIR)1st, 1st inv, 2nd, 2nd inv
Shelving high/low pass (IIR)1st, 2nd order
Slope, minimum phase (IIR)xx
High/low pass, linear phase (FIR)xx1st, 2nd, Bes, But, L-R, 2nd-8th order, Horbach-Keele, Brickwall
Peak/Notch, linear phase (FIR)xxGain EQ, Phase EQ
All pass, linear phase (FIR)xx1st, 2nd, Bes, But, L-R 2nd-8th phase linearisation
Shelving high/low pass, linear phase (FIR)xx1st, 2nd order
OP amplifierx
Digital biquad with free coefficientsxxcompatible with RBJ or miniDSP
Transfer function filexfrd/txt response
DSP selectionxxBehringer, dbx, FourAudio, Generic (RBJ), (Hypex), Marani, miniDSP, Nova, Platin, RAM, t.amp, t.racks, Xilica
Passive componentsResistor
WireV2.0 man, V1.1 auto
DriverV2.0 1-n drivers, V1.1 4 drivers. Location XYZ mm, rotation R deg, tilt T deg
Library blocksStandard library blocks
User designed blocksx
Value calculation with block attributesx
Option list for calculationxx
Driver layoutLinear and curved driver arraysxx


On-axis magnitudeTotal SPL
Driver's SPL
Power & DIPower responsex
Directivity index (DI)x
CTA-2034-A spinorama (LW, ER, ERDI, PIR)xx
Boundary reflections (floor, wall, ceiling)x
Off-axis/directivityOff-axis as Line chartx
Off-axis as WaterfallxV2.0 3D, V1.1 2D
Off-axis as Surface chartx
Off-axis as Polarmapx
Polart chart at selected frequencyx
Normalized by selected anglex
On-axis phaseTotal normal phase
Total minimum phasex
Total excess phasex
Driver's normal phase
On-axis group delayOn-axis normal group delay
On-axis excess group delayx
FilterTransfer function magnitude
ImpedanceGenerator's load impedancex
Buffer's load impedancex
Buffers total load impedancex
Equivalent Peak Dissipation Resistance (EPDR)xx
Lookback impedance of driverxx
CommonAdjustable line color, width and typex
Copy single/all charts to clipboardx
Export single/all charts to image filepng, bmp, emf, exif, gif, ico, jpg, tif, wmf, V2.0: +svg


On-axis SPLx
Listening window /CTA-2034-Axx
Driver SPLxV2.0 driver, V1.1 way
Power responsex
Predicted in-room response /CTA-2034-Axx
Filter transfer function at driver terminalsx
Preference ratingxxOlive's patent or customized SM_ON, SM_LW, SM_ER, SM_PIR, SM_SP, AAD_ON, NBD_ON, NBD_PIR, LFX, LFQ, SL_ON, SL_LW
Minimum impedance constraintx
Maximum gain constraintxx
On-axis linearity constraintxx
Frequency range contraintx
Optimizes crossover connectionxxx
Optimizes component values/parametersx
Optimizes block attributesxx
Ideal (linear) target with tiltx
Optional HP and LPxx
Linear-phase targetxx
Target as txt/frd filexxscale, delay, invert, smooth, minimum phase

Parts list

Parts listx

Time domain

ParametersSample ratex44100-192000 Hz
FFT lengthx8192-262144
TapsxV2.0 128-131072, V1.1 512-131072
Window functionxV2.0 14 types, V1.1 9 types
TracesImpulse response
Impulse in dBFSxx
Impulse envelope (ETC)xxsmoothing 0-8 samples
Step response
Square wave responsexx
IR view and exportBuffer outx
Driver inxx
Driver SPLx
Total axial SPL
Listening window SPLxx
Export for FIR gear/appxwav, txt, bin

Power dissipation

Signal parametersCrest factorx
Flat spectrum
Pinky spectrumxadjustable LP
HP and LPxx
Graph tracesPower spectrum
Current spectrumx
Voltage spectrumx
Peak voltage spectrumxx
Total wide-band dissipationxxx

Radiator simulation

Radiator typesInfinite bafflex
Bass reflexx
Double tuned bass reflexx
Passive raditorx
Band pass type 1x
Band pass type 1 passive radiatorx
Band pass type 2x
Band pass type 3x
Transmission linexxx
Wave guidexxx
Leaking portsxxx
Radiator optionsMultiple driversx1-12 pcs in parallel, series, 2||2, 3||3
Isobaricxxseries or parallel
Extra massx
Output resistancex
Table alignmentxvented with Thiele/Hoge/Bullock, closed with Vas
DriversDriver databasexlocal, on-line
Driver database filtering and sortingxV2: advanced, V1.1: simple
Calculation of T/S parametersxxadded mass, dual added mass, closed, known BL/Mms
Solver for passive radiator parametersxxVap, Qmp and Mmp of PR. Qa and Ql of box.
Impedance modelsxLe+Leb+Ke+Rss, Z1k+Z10k
GraphsSPLxhalf space total, cone, vent, passive, maximum, phase, full space total
Powerxreal, apparent, maximum
Excursionxcone, passive, Xmax/Xsus, force/acceleration
Impedancexmagnitude, phase
Group delay, Filter TFxnormal GD
Velocityxcone, vent, passive
Forcexxcone, passive
Simulated directivityxxOmni, cardioid, super-, -hyper-, adjustable gradient
Filter transfer functionxx
MiscEnclosure+driver projectsxx
Selectable local driver databasexx
Filterxx6 active filter stages: HP, LP, SLP, PEQx2, L-T
Diffraction responsexoptional for full space total

Diffraction simulation

On-axis...listening windowx
Full space simulationx
Open bafflex
Multiple driversx1-50 drivers, line array with c-c step
Multiple cornersx3-36 corners
Rectangular driversx
Rounded edgex
Floor reflectionx
Wall reflectionx
Off-axis response exportxver/hor, pos/neg angles, adjustable angle step

Response merging

LF near field sum with baffle effect responsexno baffle loss, spherical loss, diffraction response file
LF off-axis with directivity of HF off-axisx
LF off-axis with textbook polar patternxxforcing to gradient with adjustable monopole part and frequency
Merging of far field LF to far field HFx
Magnitude scalingxmanual or by LF diameters and far field distance
TransitionAdjustable frequencyx40-5000 Hz
Delay+phase matchingxautomatic or manual
Adjustable blending rangex0, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4 octs
Output optionsMinimum phasexwith or without GD of HF response
Extended data for LspCAD 6.0x

Response tracing

Trace color detectionx
Dark background supportxx
Grid rubberx
Trace rubberx
Image rubberx
Logarithmic Z axisx
Minimum phase calculationx

Response calculation

Multiple outputAi + Bx
Ai - Bx
Ai * Bx
Ai / Bx
B / Aix
Ai / fx
Average by off-axis angle Axx
Mirror Aix
Normalize Aix
Scale, Delay, Invert Aix
Minimum phase AixV2.0 band cropping and slope extension, delay maintain
Group delay Aix
Real Aix
B * Ai / A(0)x
Mic in Box Aixx
Uncap A z Bxx
Ai * piston directivity(Sd, angle)xcircular or rectangular
Single outputSum of Ax
Average of Ax
RMS of Ax
Maximum of Ax

Other calculators

Time windowx
Wave lengthx
Near fieldx
Sample timex
Box volumexx
Time alignxx

Converting IRs to FRs

File type supportARTA pirxx
CLIO mls, crpxx
MLSSA textxx
Plain text (without sample rate field)xx
FFT project/session filexx
FFT parametersLeft time windowxxoptional, Rectangular, Bartlett, Blackman, Blackman-Harris, Blackman-Nuttall, Cosine 0.50/0.75/1.0, Hamming, Hanning, Nuttall, Tukey 0.25/0.50/0.75
Right time windowxxRectangular, Bartlett, Blackman, Blackman-Harris, Blackman-Nuttall, Cosine 0.50/0.75/1.0, Hamming, Hanning, Nuttall, Tukey 0.25/0.50/0.75
Minimum phase for calibration filexxoptional
Full resolution FFT (constant f step)xxoptional
Frequency response smoothingxxnone, 1/24, ..., 1/2 oct, 6th order Butterworth
Frequency range croppingxxoptional
Adjustable FFT lengthxx4k...1M
GraphsImpulse responsexximpulse response, impulse envelope (ETC), impulse dBFS, step response, overlays
Frequency responsexxmagnitude, normal phase, minimum phase, excess phase, overlays


User manualx
Measurement instructionsx
Built-in dark themexx
Linuxxxxusable on Wine 6.6 or later, but UX and performance are worse than real Windows

Few thousand do-it-yourself enthusiasts and commercial companies such as