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VituixCAD Features

Crossover simulation

ver 2.0

ver 1.1
Crossover topologies Formal ladder
Free form
Crossover variants active digitals with different DSP
Response data Single direction
Few directions
Quasi full space with responses in two planes max 360 directions in hor plane + 358 in ver plane = 718
Off-axis with constant or variable angle step
Off-axis angle coverage -179...0...+180 deg or less
CLIO balloon hor & ver planes only
EASE balloon hor & ver planes only, optional plane swapping for Klippel NFS
VACS balloon hor & ver planes only, optional plane swapping for Klippel NFS
Monkey Forest balloon hor & ver planes only
Active components High/low pass, minimum phase (IIR) 1st, 2nd, Bes, But, Che, L-R 2nd-8th order
Parametric EQ, minimum phase (IIR)
All pass, minimum phase (IIR) 1st, 1st inv, 2nd, 2nd inv
Shelving high/low pass, minimum phase (IIR) 1st, 2nd order
High/low pass, linear phase (FIR) 1st, 2nd, Bes, But, L-R, 2nd-8th order, Horbach-Keele, Brickwall
Parametric EQ, linear phase (FIR) Gain EQ, Phase EQ
All pass, linear phase (FIR) 1st, 2nd, Bes, But, L-R 2nd-8th phase linearisation
Shelving high/low pass, linear phase (FIR) 1st, 2nd order
OP amplifier
Digital biquad with free coefficients compatible with RBJ or miniDSP
Transfer function file frd/txt response
DSP selection Behringer, dbx, FourAudio, Generic (RBJ), (Hypex), Marani, miniDSP, Nova, Platin, RAM, Xilica
Passive components Resistor
Transformer ideal
Wire manauto
Driver 1-n1-4location XYZ mm, rotation R deg, tilt T deg
Library blocks Standard library blocks
User designed blocks
Value calculation with block attributes
Option list for calculation
Driver layout Linear and curved driver arrays


On-axis magnitude Total SPL
Driver's SPL
Power & DI Power response
Directivity index (DI)
CTA-2034-A spinorama (LW, ER, ERDI, PIR)
Off-axis/directivity Off-axis as Line chart
Off-axis as Waterfall 3D2D
Off-axis as Surface chart
Off-axis as Polarmap
Polart chart at selected frequency
Normalized by selected angle
On-axis phase Total normal phase
Total minimum phase
Total excess phase
Driver's normal phase
On-axis group delay On-axis normal group delay
On-axis excess group delay
Filter Transfer function magnitude
Impedance Generator's load impedance
Buffer's load impedance
Buffers total load impedance
Equivalent Peak Dissipation Resistance (EPDR)
Common Adjustable line color, width and type
Copy single/all charts to clipboard
Export single/all charts to image file png, bmp, emf, exif, gif, ico, jpg, tif, wmf, V2.0: +svg


On-axis SPL
Listening window /CTA-2034-A
Driver SPL way
Power response
Predicted in-room response /CTA-2034-A
Filter transfer function at driver terminals
Preference rating Olive's patent or customized SM_ON, SM_LW, SM_ER, SM_PIR, SM_SP, AAD_ON, NBD_ON, NBD_PIR, LFX, LFQ, SL_ON, SL_LW
Minimum impedance constraint
Maximum gain constraint
Frequency range contraint
Optimizes crossover connection
Optimizes component values/parameters
Optimizes block attributes
Ideal (linear) target with tilt
Optional HP and LP
Linear-phase target
Target as txt/frd file scale, delay, invert, smooth, minimum phase

Parts list

Parts list

Time domain

2.0 1.1
Parameters Sample rate 44100-192000 Hz
FFT length 8192-262144
Taps V2.0 128-131072, V1.1 512-131072
Window function V2.0 12 types, V1.1 9 types
Traces Impulse response
Impulse in dBFS
Impulse envelope (ETC) smoothing 0-8 samples
Step response
IR view and export Buffer out
Driver in
Driver SPL
Total axial SPL
Listening window SPL
Export for FIR gear/app wav, txt, bin

Power dissipation

2.0 1.1
Signal parameters Crest factor
Flat spectrum
Pinky spectrum adjustable LP
HP and LP
Graph traces Power spectrum
Current spectrum
Voltage spectrum
Peak voltage spectrum
Total wide-band dissipation

Radiator simulation

2.0 1.1
Radiator types Infinite baffle
Bass reflex
Double tuned bass reflex
Passive raditor
Band pass type 1
Band pass type 1 passive radiator
Band pass type 2
Band pass type 3
Transmission line
Wave guide
Leaking ports
Radiator options Multiple drivers 1-12 pcs in parallel, series, 2||2, 3||3
Isobaric series or parallel
Extra mass
Output resistance
Table alignment vented with Thiele/Hoge/Bullock, closed with Vas
Drivers Driver database local, on-line
Driver database filtering and sorting V2: advanced, V1.1: simple
Calculation of T/S parameters added mass, dual added mass, closed, known BL/Mms
Impedance models Le+Leb+Ke+Rss, Z1k+Z10k
Graphs SPL half space total, cone, vent, passive, maximum, phase, full space total
Power real, apparent, maximum
Excursion cone, passive, Xmax/Xsus, force/acceleration
Impedance magnitude, phase
Group delay normal GD
Velocity cone, vent, passive
Force cone, passive
Simulated directivity Omni, cardioid, super-, -hyper-, adjustable gradient
Filter transfer function
Misc Enclosure+driver projects
Selectable local driver database
Filter link to crossover
Diffraction response optional for full space total

Diffraction simulation

2.0 1.1
On-axis...listening window
Full space simulation
Open baffle
Multiple drivers 1-50 drivers, line array with c-c step
Multiple corners 3-36 corners
Rectangular drivers
Rounded edge
Floor reflection
Wall reflection
Off-axis response export ver/hor, pos/neg angles, adjustable angle step

Response merging

2.0 1.1
LF near field sum with baffle effect response no baffle loss, spherical loss, diffraction response file
LF off-axis with directivity of HF off-axis
LF off-axis with textbook polar pattern forcing to gradient with adjustable monopole part and frequency
Merging of far field LF to far field HF
Magnitude scaling manual or by LF diameters and far field distance
Transition Adjustable frequency 40-5000 Hz
Delay+phase matching automatic or manual
Adjustable blending range 0, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4 octs
Output options Minimum phase with or without GD of HF response
Extended data for LspCAD 6.0

Response tracing

2.0 1.1
Trace color detection
Dark background support
Grid rubber
Trace rubber
Image rubber
Logarithmic Z axis
Minimum phase calculation

Response calculation

2.0 1.1
Multiple output Ai + B
Ai - B
Ai * B
Ai / B
B / Ai
Ai / f
Mirror Ai
Normalize Ai
Scale, Delay, Invert Ai
Minimum phase Ai V2.0 band cropping and slope extension, delay maintain
Group delay Ai
Real Ai
B * Ai / A(0)
Mic in Box Ai
Uncap A z B
Ai * piston directivity(Sd, angle) circular or rectangular
Single output Sum of A
Product of A
Average of A
RMS of A
Maximum of A
Directivity index/factor of A
Power response of A

Other calculators

2.0 1.1
Time window
Wave length
Near field
Sample time
Box volume
Time align

Converting IRs to FRs

2.0 1.1
File type support ARTA pir
CLIO mls, crp
MLSSA text
Plain text (without sample rate field)
FFT project/session file
FFT parameters Left time window optional, Rectangular, Bartlett, Blackman, Blackman-Harris, Blackman-Nuttall, Cosine, Hamming, Hanning, Nuttall, Tukey 0.25, 0.50, 0.75
Right time window Rectangular, Bartlett, Blackman, Blackman-Harris, Blackman-Nuttall, Cosine, Hamming, Hanning, Nuttall, Tukey 0.25, 0.50, 0.75
Minimum phase for calibration file optional
Full resolution FFT (constant f step) optional
Frequency response smoothing none, 1/24, ..., 1/2 oct, 6th order Butterworth
Frequency range cropping optional
Adjustable FFT length 4k...1M
Graphs Impulse response impulse response, impulse envelope (ETC), impulse dBFS, step response, overlays
Frequency response magnitude, normal phase, minimum phase, excess phase, overlays


2.0 1.1
User manual
Measurement instructions
Built-in dark theme
Linux usable on Wine 6.6 or later, but UX and performance are worse than real Windows

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