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Latest updates

07.08.2016: VituixCAD Full version updated. Latest revision is Changelog
16.07.2016: Quick manual to produce measurement data for loudspeaker simulation updated: VituixCAD Measurement Preparations.pdf

25.03.2016: Wavecor balanced drive woofers, subwoofers and passive radiators added to online database of VituixCAD Enclosure tool.
11.01.2016: Renewed 30 days free trial period available for VituixCAD.
26.12.2015: Arta Recorder latest revision ( Added custom angle recipe.
29.09.2015: Kontiainen document published.
01.05.2015: Renewed 30 days free trial period for VituixCAD Full version is available.
04.02.2015: Arta Recorder latest revision (
03.10.2014: KS-1807 document published.
03.09.2014: VituixCAD Tools; Enclosure, Merger and Calculator published as freeware.
29.08.2014: Arta Recorder published as freeware.


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